Apple Watch Band

I’ve been wanting to make a watch band for a while now. I still haven’t settled on a decorative design, but I figured maybe I needed to do a simple one to begin with, to get my feet wet.

Since Apple watch parts are all the same width, there’s no need for tapering, so it turned out to be a pretty easy design. I used EVA foam for prototyping it (Prototyping for leather) and actually ended up wearing the EVA version for a day while I was getting the other one put together. It held up surprisingly well, which makes me wonder about dual layers glued together to make a stronger band that takes advantage of the fun colors of EVA foam, no stitching needed…but that can wait for another day!

Anyway, here’s my v1.0 leather watchband:

I used medium PG leather – a double layer would probably be a better thickness, but I decided to save that for when I’ve had more practice with stitching. When I decide on a fancier decorative design for my next try, I’ll likely go with the thick leather instead.

I wanted a dark rich color. I started off with a plum-colored acrylic paint, but it didn’t have the depth I wanted, so I scrubbed off as much of it as I could, and then impulsively painted it with my vinegar-steel wool mix, thinking I’d just turn it black instead. But it didn’t really turn black; it just sort of looked blotchy purple/gray. It looked pretty ragged for a while, and I started thinking the paint had done something to keep the reaction from happening that turns it black. I tried staining it from the back, and that made some darker blotchy areas around the edges, but it still looked like a mess, and I figured I was going to have to just cut another one.

After letting it sit overnight, though, it had taken on a deeper shade and looked a lot better, and another light coat of plum acrylic rubbed on with my finger and topped with clear shoe wax gave me just the look I had been going for.

Here’s the SVG. My wrist is just under 7", and the fifth hole from the end is about the right fit, to help with judging whether the size will need adjusting. (Or just cut one from EVA foam and try it on!)


EDIT: Links to the hardware I used:
Watch band connectors:


Looks very nice, a beautiful color!


Yep, looks great! :grinning:


Nice work! Thanks so much for sharing the file. I imagine we’ll be seeing more than a few individualized watch bands pop up here. :slight_smile:


Very cool! If I ever get an Apple Watch I will definitely try this. Thanks for the file!


Super cool! Never even crossed my mind to make my own band for my apple watch!
Thanks for sharing!

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I love this! Thank you for sharing your design with all of us!

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Love this… Thank you so much for sharing!!

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A couple of recommended edits, until I get around to posting an upgrade:

  1. The hole for the tongue of the buckle needs to be extended lengthwise. As it is now, it can’t really lift up above the buckle much.

  2. The band is just a smidge too narrow. It needs to be about 0.11" wider to fit the 38mm Apple watch perfectly.

  3. The PG medium leather is soft and comfy, but not stiff enough to push through the buckle without some help (especially in light of #1), so it’s a little fiddly to put on in the morning.


this is excellent! thank you.

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Thanks for the file!
To help with the narrowness on my 2nd cut i marked how wide i wanted the band to be on my masking tape and expanded the file to fit the marks. I still haven’t assembled it but i’m hoping with it being scaled up it makes everything easier with the stitching holes being slightly larger to also help accommodate my larger needles

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Tandy Leather sells Apple Watch band connectors (item #1527-02)that are narrower than the amazon ones, approx .788” inside width compared to.867”. The Tandy connectors don’t come with a tool which is a downside
An issue I encountered with expanding the band to fit the amazon connector is that the band becomes too wide for traditional buckles(3/4”) and would require manually trimming it to fit.


What about us samsung watch wearers ?

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You should post your design here.

I love it!!!

Several years ago, a master leather artist had a suggestion for me. These are the very best paints for leather. I highly recommend the company and the products. Their customer service is phenomenal.

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