Appropriate material for the job

Myamoto Musashi in his famous Book of Five Rings has a very interesting discussion of the universal nature of strategy as he uses construction to make his point and here is discussing materials and what works best in each situation.
Since we all need to try an idea there is considerable note about card board, but also it’s fire danger, and inadequate as a lasting material.
But of the various positions laid out that which is hidden structure can be ugly but strong and inexpensive, that which is expensive but beautiful for the most exotic look. That which looks really great but will not stand up to stress, that which makes the best photo engraving and other engraving, least char etc proofgrade of course, but other sources as well?
/“The foreman carpenter must know the architectural theory of towers and temples,
and the plans of palaces, and must employ men to raise up houses. The Way of the
foreman carpenter is the same as the Way of the commander of a warrior house.^”

In the contruction of houses, choice of woods is made. Straight un-knotted timber
of good appearance is used for the revealed pillars, straight timber with small defects is
used for the inner pillars. Timber of the finest appearance, even if a little weak, is used for
the thresholds, lintels, doors, and sliding doors,’’ and so on. Good strong timber, though it
be gnarled and knotted, can always be used discreetly in construction. Timber which is
weak or knotted throughout should be used as scaffolding, and later for firewood. "/


‘The Book of Five Rings’ was a constant companion of mine for a number of years and i was fortunate enough to see a number of his sumi-e paintings in both public and private collections.
At Himeji Castle is one of his hand-carved wooden swords.

Have you read Eji Yoshikawa’s novel ‘Musashi’?

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They made the 5 novels into three movies that was my first introduction to who he was, Much later I read a translation of all five novels. My favorite was the scene in the restaurant with all the flies, and I realized that was the homage given in the Karate Kid movies.

I was very amused that when Japan was ascendant selling more and better everything a Wall Street Journal Reporter interviewed a CEO of one of the Auto Companies and asked the usual question “how were you able to do it” and was answered that he read “The Book of Five Rings” every morning. Well needless to say every American in management went out the next day looking for the book and it went to the most looked for book instantly so the printer went into overdrive to print more books. Well just as quickly all that was understood was that it was about Sword fighting, and the demand went through the floor Asa result it was on the bargain tables of every bookstore for a dollar for many years after.

Ha! Saying ‘The Book of Five Rings’ is about Sword Fighting is like saying ‘The Handmaids Tale’ is about the joys of motherhood!

Unfortunately Westerners tend to be mono-dimensional in their comprehension which makes Asian (i.e. Buddhist & Taoist) philosophy seem quite inscrutable.

Is the turning point of Musashi’s understanding, just as the Tao Te Ching can be encapsulated in:

Westerners are so excited about the 1-5 of the 10000 things that they are chasing that they cannot see that One Thing because of the distraction.