Apps for Apple to use on Glowforge

Is any one using a Apple device with there glowforge and can anyone recommend apps they are using to cut and for images.
Thank you

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I’m a Mac user, and love Affinity Designer. It’s cheap, but not free. Inkscape is free and powerful, and Fusion360 is the go-to for 3D modeling.


Try searching for the device you mean, like ipad or iphone, or ios. There are people that do it, you’ll find them if you look.

Thank you :blush:

Inkscape on Mac here, along with Gimp for working with bitmaps.


I use adobe capture for iPhone. It creates SVGs on my phone and it integrates with my adobe account so I can save my work to creative cloud and open it on my computer.

I am on a mac and use Fusion360, OnShape, and the Adobe Suite. Don’t really use my iPad for much with the glow forge (once in a blue moon will do OnShape on the iPad if I am desperate) and really rarely my iPhone.

I design mostly on my iPad Pro with Affinity Designer and occasionally Procreate and Vectornator. Using my Apple Pencil works great.

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Thank you everyone for the help

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