April showers

Our latest showers had us looking to make some flowers. My older daughter decided she wanted to make some paper flowers so she took to the web looking for how to make them. She found a few designs she liked and drew them up in Illustrator. The first one was a sort of folded spiral card design. The basic design was simple enough.

It took us a few minutes to figure out the folding of it.

She added a bit of coloring and also tried a slightly larger version to take to school and color some with her friends.

Meanwhile, I was having fun searching through different flower stencil files to vectorize. As usual, pinterest had plenty of interesting ones to choose from. I think one of my favorite new search terms is going to be stencils. They’re designed to be cut out of paper and not loose their form which is perfect for gift card designs. I found a few different ones that I liked and made a quick collection of them to test with various colors for a background.

Here are some close up shots.

I’m thinking they’d look pretty awesome if I traced the stencil with a pencil (that rhymes) and then did some water colors on a sheet behind it for color instead of just the solid colored card stock. I may have to see if I can dig some water colors up somewhere :slight_smile:


Totally stealing this project idea.


Stencils! Yes, yes, yes! Definitely on the list, just haven’t gotten to them yet. Yours are wonderful and I like the water coloring idea. And I really like that spiral flower! I’m thinking you could make up a kit for gift wrapping that included the flower, and the whole thing would be flat packed and fit in an envelope.


Could you design the envelope so that when you opened it, turned it inside out, it became a
vase ?
Just a thought :wink:


Great idea for pretty personalized cards! (Love the two tone flower!) :smiley:


It looks like you have cardstock cutting dialed in wonderfully. The laser makes such clean, delicate cuts. I’m looking forward to moving much of my paper cutting from my Silhouette Cameo to the Glowforge.

I’m not a watercolor expert, but I wonder if this would work? What if you made a stencil out of a waterproof material. Could you lay it over water color paper that was lightly misted with water and then drop and blend some color in the cut outs? I know if would bleed underneath, but when the plastic was replaced with a paper cut top, the edges would be crisp again. Just a thought to avoid having to trace the stencil before painting.

These are fantastic as they are! Darn, I can’t wait.


Somebody has their settings dialed in well for heavy paper. Very nice demo.


Or just have the outline drawn on a seperate piece of paper and use a lightbox.


Great idea.


Nicely done!

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My daughter is going to go absolutely crazy when I show her this. We’ll be making flowers and coloring with stencils non-stop once my GF arrives.


Wonderful! This is so great. My daughter loved this :smile: <3


Wow! Great work! Really came out so pretty! And thanks for the keyword tip!