AR measurement device on kickstarter



Pretty fun idea, but no way it’s as good as they say and DEFINITELY no way it ships in September.


That actually looks kind of interesting, but doubtful it’s that accurate as you noted.

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It’s cool, but with Google already pursuing AR in phones, and perhaps Apple too, it seems like these guys could get outgunned in a hurry.

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But if you come up with something killer, both of those groups aren’t afraid to spend a lot of money to acquire your tech.


It will be built in to the next iOS update.

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So I was right about it not shipping in sept, but it looks like they’re on track to complete all preorders by 31 Oct. Manufactured, not shipped, mind you, but they didn’t do so badly, all things considered.

And yeah it’s built into ios 12, but on my 6s plus, the quality of the built in measure tool is awful. Maybe that’ll get better with software updates, but I suspect it’s a hardware limit, I don’t have the faceID ready camera. I wonder if it’s better on an iphonex.


Found a cool little measuring device in my Dad’s stuff…it’s incredibly accurate.

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