Arcade piggy bank/phone stand

Made this cool arcade machine to go with my claw machine and slot machine. Then I decided to give it some cool uses and turned it into a piggy bank and a phone stand in one. You insert the coins in the back then the joystick area pulls forward and lifts up to dump the coins out. Then when the joy sticks are down they hold a phone in place in the horizontal position.

Not sure if I can upload a video from my phone but got to try here:

Photos here:

Files for it can be found here, if you want to make one:


Totes adorbs. You can pay to charge your phone and save your quarters for your next phone purchase :stuck_out_tongue:


Good thinking. Thank you.

I love the triple use! Cool looking arcade game, bank, and phone stand all in one. I think more things need multiple use options like this.

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Thank you