Arcade stick prototype!

Hello all! I made a joystick with my Glowforge! It is of my favorite fighting game series SoulCalibur, since the new game is coming out this october.

(For technical specs for any fighting game fan viewing this, the internals of the joystick has real arcade parts imported from Japan, specifically Seimitsu LS series joystick and PS pushbuttons, and a single Sanwa EVO button & later added the same EVO logo gold balltop. The PCB is the BrooksPS4audio+ board.)

I most likely don’t have as much hours clocked on it as most of you have, so my progress in learning is quite slow, but I hope to move into more complicated designs soon, and have and much bigger joystick to show for next time! :smiley:


That’s beautiful! :grinning:


Thank you!

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Super cool! Im working on an arcade machine. Its good to see others working on these things too!


Very nicely done! Do you hold it in your lap to play?


Taki for life.


I love those living hinges around the corners!

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“Super cool! Im working on an arcade machine. Its good to see others working on these things too!”
That’s cool! I’m slowly working towards doing a table-top mini one as well. I hope yours turns out great!

“Very nicely done! Do you hold it in your lap to play?”
Yep! most arcade sticks for consoles nowadays is played on the lap, though I want to make a two player sized one that holds an build in board and monitor as a table-top cabinet.

“Taki for life.”
YES. :heart:

“I love those living hinges around the corners!”
The living hinges was prob the most frustrating part, I kept having to make minor adjustments until it stopped snapping, then someone told it maybe easier if I spray the wood with a little moisture and hold it in place for less chance of snapping. Honestly, I should of looked up tips on this before running into it blind for my first living hinge application.


If all (or even any?) of us actually followed that advice, the forums would not be nearly as fun as they are!


I want one!

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So cool. I really love this project.

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That looks great, I use to build my own joysticks when I was in college and more active in the fighting game community. I’m glad you bought quality internal parts, those things make playing so much more enjoyable. Yay Taki. I don’t recognize the other character behind her. I play some Soul Caliber but SvC is more my game.

Great job :smiley:

Amazing job! I think it’s perfect.

Looks like you got a winner.


I really like what you’ve done here, would you be willing to share some of the plans and how you built it? Also am I seeing this right in that it looks like you’ve got acrylic layered inside or beneath the MDF?

Hey, welcome to the forums! One of the policies here is that you’re not allowed to ask for plans. For more info, you can find it all in the FAQ.

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We can’t do that for you …It’s your personal account.

Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner, then on your name, then on Preferences > Emails > Activity Summary and just uncheck the box there. That should take care of the daily notifications for you.

@evansd2 is correct, it’s frowned on here to ask people to share files if they haven’t offered up front - the assumption is that most of these new designers are developing the files for sale, and we don’t like to pressure new designers to give their work away for free. Some people don’t mind, but some do, so here we err on the side of caution.

Discussing techniques on how things are built is fine, or even offering to buy the files if you’re really interested in something. That’s a compliment that they can appreciate, and they might decide to just offer it as a freebie, or give it to you privately, which still gives them the option of offering it for sale later.

There is a Free Files section set aside for people who do want to share their work outright, so you might want to look through that in the hope of finding something redeeming in the forum. Or check out the Tips and Tricks section to learn to create your own. Lots of good tutorials in there, and people hanging around to help if you have questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol, whoops, I didn’t realize it actually replied to forum posts per email, I thought I was talking to an admin. But thanks for the help, I’ll go turn off that message now. I don’t really see the point in participating in a discussion forum for consumers on how to make things if we can’t talk about how someone actually made something, how incredibly pointless.

True that! :smile:
(Kind of hard to have a forum without discussions.)

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