Arches for Tensegrity structure

I used the GF to make some arches (laminated them together from four 3mm arches). The arch is a half-ellipse. Not the best arch I know but easy and plenty good :slight_smile: The rest is scrap hickory, and nylon twine . If I make another I will make the base and top from GF cut laminations.


Not enough photos! That’s very cool. Bent my brain a little bit figuring it out!


Until I zoomed in it was complete magic! After zooming it became science. :blush:


Thats really cool. I wonder If you used a strong enough cordage or a wire if you could make a set of stools that way.

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They build bridges that way. You could build pretty much anything…

It’s driving me nuts that one of my YouTube channels had a very cool structure using tensegrity, that I always meant to build a copy of, and now after seeing this, I can’t find it.


If you ever do come across it again send me a message, all this stuff is new to me so going to be a fun research day


This is not it, but it’s one I had bookmarked:

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Tensegrity wasn’t something I’d ever run into before - I mean, I know it’s used in bridges but it wasn’t something I knew I could do! That’s really really cool


This guy from your video has a nice little tutorial / concept video

When its not so cold outside im going to try and make a mini version of this

That’s the same guy in the Make: video I posted.

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yup hehe

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Wow! Amazing stuff. This kid has his act together, too.

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Yup that is my goal to work on this by prototyping until I get a design that is very stable. This one can collapse easily in four directions

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Cuthberts stuff is amazing!

It’d be hard to have never seen one of these tensegrity icosahedrons:

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

One of those things I’ve always meant to get to, no time yet.