Archived Live Q&A from 11/20/2015

This is going to be informal, low fidelity, and hopefully interesting! With two Glowforgers out of town for two weeks and three new employees starting, we haven’t had time for major emails or events - too busy getting ready to ship. But I’m going to make some time tomorrow to jump on a Youtube livestream and answer folks’ questions. To ask a question, just reply to this thread. Then you can look through the other questions and “like” (little heart button) the ones you’re most interested in. I’ll crank through as many as I can. “Dan, tell us about XYZ” is also a perfectly OK request.

Oh, and how about if I send the most-liked response a copy of Robot Turtles and Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook?

UPDATE: will add the URL as soon as I triumph in hand-to-hand combat with the Youtube interface.

UPDATE II: We haven’t triumphed yet, but the URL will be
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UPDATE III: Success! Youtube is vanquished, and the Q&A is complete. The video will be at when it is done processing. Thanks so much to everyone who made it.


Shipping: Your non committed guesstimate of dates and the roll out


What is finished, what is still to do?


When can we see some more example videos?


What’s your favourite material for cutting?


Will we be able to get beta access to the design store?


How many units will you be making overall?

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Non-US buyers, will we get our units about the same time as everyone else?

Warranty. Is there really no chance of extending the warranty?


When can we see more examples of things actually cut on the glowforge rather than other lasers?

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When can we see more examples of anything??? We are all really excited, but there is so little news coming out and for many of us this is a big risky, outlay of cash. Can you please make us all feel a little more comfortable?


Hi Dan,

I think sqw asks many good questions.

Can I add, will it be possible to see more of the software and if so, when do you believe that will happen? Will it be possible to play (in a sandboxy kind of way) with the software before we receive our GF?



Just in case my glow forge stops functioning (in the middle of an important job), how will I get technical support?


After all the Glowforges ship, are you giving any thought to Glowforge 2.0, or expanding your product line? What’s your long term plan?


I am curious as to how the glowforge will connect to a secure internet connection if there is only one button on the machine?


Please consider an occasional email (beyond major announcements) to provide ALL owners a sense that progress is ongoing. Only a very small percentage of owners have been active on the community forum. Much of the information you have provided has not filtered out to those less engaged. The content is not as important as the attempt to communicate.


Hey, im very excited to start using the Glowforge but if I find that ill need better cooling and a better laser will i be able to upgrade within the warranty timeframe. Being a large investment and new to laser cutting i can only justify this upgrade through use. If so, will this be at the price difference? or will this require buying a whole new unit.

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I would like to know what milestones have been achieved and what milestones remain before production (especially related to custom parts ex. case, extrusions, laser, power supply, pcb’s.)

I’m really curious about what improvements the finished power supply will bring to the glow forge’s engraving capability. I’m dying to see examples of what can be done with a more completed machine!


I guess I have ‘nerdy’ questions.

  • What type of stepper drivers are being used in the GF? Off the shelf or custom? (And can you elaborate if there is something special about them)
  • What tech. are you guys using for the gantry? Belt? Screws? or rack and pinion? (Pretty sure GT2, but I like to know about it.)
  • I haven’t heard any mention about a homing / reference cycle. Does this GF do this on startup only and never again? Or does it reference it self before every job. If it does have a homing reference cycle- what type of switches are you guys using? mechanical? or inductive?
  • Cloud API question, Do you guys planing opening the cloud API to other devs to make plugins for apps that you don’t have support for? (Random example- Raster plugin for Photos OS X) And will allow support for things like IFTTT or Pushbullet? (Currently I have my current laser turn the hallway light red when the laser is active, I’d like to do something similar with the GF)
  • Is there a more scientific way to determine how loud the GF is with and without the filter? i.e. a dB rating?
  • Odors. Since the GF /w Filter has a HEPA & Charcoal activated filter, How much of the odor is being cut down?

I’ll add more as I think of them.


Lots of good questions on the machine, it’s capabilities, what it can cut, and when it arrives. Kind of a two part question here:
Catalog: Wondering if you can speak to any new thoughts on the design catalog (how you envision its use, curation etc…)
Glowforge Materials: curious also about your line of in house materials. when we see the Glowforges in retail someday, will materials be available alongside or exclusively just online through your website? -Thanks again!