Arcylic Charms

I wonder if its possible to make something like this:

Girlfriend and I love to think of all the cute little charms we could make and give to friends, but never want to order them in huge bulk. Anyone have an idea how to do this?


Design them in Adobe Illustrator. Print the B&W outlines on inkjet Shrinky-Dink paper. Color them in. Upload the illustrator file to Glowforge. Cut out the shrinky dinks on Glowforge.

On my todo list: see if defocusing the laser can get the shrinky dinks to actually shrink, so we can set up a materials preset for “Cut and shrink”.



You almost read my mind. I was looking at Shrinky-Dink paper but was concerned that the laser would only heat the edges or cause issues with the material of the paper.

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Is the shrinky dink material safe to cut?

@dan did you ever try this out? Thinking this would be fun to have a weekend class with kids sometime at the Makerspace (once I earn enough on the Glowforge to get our group a physical space to start with).


I don’t think I did! If you do, please let me know how it goes!

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