Arduino 'scallop-bot' frame to teach kids coding/robotics

I travel around and co-found/consult for a number of Makerspaces and I wanted to try to lasercut something that could seat a Arduino Micro (Clone). I setup layers and have a cool acrylic shield up top we can etch names into / nice seating for jump wires. The next layer is Microcontroller followed by power layer (coinbatt) and finally the base is reserved for installing little wheels or vibration motor control (Soon). Neat isn’t it? I left the USB port open to program without break down.

51567885_769093816801849_4063949981629808640_n 51567885_769093816801849_4063949981629808640_n

You can see in the photos I even laser cut a little motor vibrator weight :slight_smile: Worked well! 1mm shaft! As it stands the code it is running is just looping blinking RX/TX but I could easily connect a light sensor [photoresistor] or even a cool RGB LED/Neopixel.


Nice design! :grinning:


Thanks, it’s simple but the idea was easy to modify… modular and easy for kids to assemble. I am taking a break then coming back to the motor layer so the little guy can get around.



these are great! Sounds like you have a dream job.

Upgraded the guy to some cool cherry legs and top plate :slight_smile: