Are the Dimensions Listed in the Tech Spec L x W x H


Does anyone know? This is probably a stupid question, but I need to measure where to put it really precisely b/c if it is too big I will have to cancel my order.

I really hope (and this is for the Basic Unit + Air Filter) that it is no larger than:

38" L x 21" W (Deep) x 15.5" H

Please Help… it is very unclear on the Website (Sorry, Dan) But it would be very helpful to know if you indeed listed the Tech Spec Size in the Standard Length by Width (Depth) by Height way. :slight_smile:

Air Filter Dimesions

Here you go.


Glowforge exterior (Pro and Basic): 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

Air filter exterior: 38″ x 20.75″ x 7″ (965mm x 527mm x 178mm)

BTW - that’s the height with the lid closed - you’ll need clearance above it to open the thing


Thank you SO MUCH!!! YAY!


Remember that if you ever want to vent the GF using the enclosed 4" hose you will need another 4-6" or so behind the unit. Also not entirely sure how the air vents to the filter unit. I think it is via an attachment in the back which would also stick out. Not sure.


And if you are using the filter, you need clearance behind and to the right for airflow.


And also you need a bunch space in the front so you can walk up to it and put things in it. :wink:


And space above so you can open the lid…:grin:


Oh and maybe some floor space around the unit for the crowds that will stand, gawk and “oooh” and “ahhh” :heart_eyes:


Don’t fill it with candy, it’ll block the laser and probably get melted.


Also Styrofoam is baaaad.


It is also unwise to mount a cup holder on the lid.


One of these cup holders might work :wink::


:hushed: touche’


FYI, I’m pretty certain the dimensions listed for the air filter height are incorrect. Every picture and video of the filter shows it significantly slimmer than the GF unit, meaning it can’t possibly be a full 7 inches tall.


Perhaps I’ve just missed them, but I haven’t seen a recent image of the filter. Unless I’m greatly mistaken, and I may very well be, the images on their website are of early prototypes, not production units.

As @dan has said repeatedly, anything can change between now and the final product. I’m basing my prep on the full 7" height – if it’s a little shorter, great. I figure it’s easier to adjust for smaller than larger. YMMV. :wink:


Fair point. It’d be nice for final prep to get final specific dimensions (a CAD file would be excellent) of the Glowforge and air filter. I’m working with limited space so I’m custom building a workbench for the glowforge to replace my current bench, I’m worried about height with the lid open because the GF will be going on the bottom of the bench. I think I should be fine opening the lid less than full, otherwise I’ll have to sort out a new solution. Dan and Terrance did a lid measurement, then the thread got hijacked to talk about Terrance’s workbenches :confused:


Did you need more than the measurement?
The slight deviation in subject occurred after the question had been answered. Conversation evolves in a public forum.
Terrance was gracious enough to elaborate on his setup, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciated it.


I need more measurements, so no, my question hadn’t been completely answered. I’m glad that my thread gave other people some insight into a single person’s setup, but that didn’t help me in any way. I’ve got my own setup to build, and I’d like to get it done before my laser is delivered. I don’t think GF is very accurate in their current specs, and if they are they should update photos to match.


You should pop back in on the thread and ask some pointed questions then. I had also thought that initial questions were resolved. 29", plus the yet unreleased height of the filter unit, which is speculated at 7" or slightly under.