Are we able to sell the compact filter?

Hi, I have a compact filter with a brand new, never-used cartridge. Are we able to sell these to other Glowforge owners and somehow transfer it to their UI? I ordered this 5 years ago in October 2014, but now I have a shop where I won’t be filtering indoors.


You don’t need to have it transferred to the UI. The ability to use a Compact Filter appears on everyone’s Settings panel now.


Thanks! Perfect!
What’s the going rate?

Chuckle! No idea! There are a few folks who were trying to get one, but they might have finally gotten one through Glowforge.

Just list your location in the thread title and see if there is anyone near you who needs one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! I am interested in purchasing it! I recently moved to an apartment and need one! Venting out the window is not allowed. Please email me if you still have it!

Thank you
Alyssa Dismuke

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