Are we all going to make new threads to show you ours when you show us yours?


Wow! This is beautiful!

Ooooooo, Celtic! I really like Celtic.

Great knot! :grinning::+1:

Thanks! You can see it’s a little defective…

The original center hole was a hair too small, when I put the piece back in (sheet was still in place) I must have bumped it a little. Also note the broken little piece in the “petal” closest to the camera.

No special settings… medium PG maple hardwood I think, but with masking removed on both sides.

This was one of several pieces I’ve made to test the limits of how fine I can go. I have some really fine detailed stuff I want to cut/carve…

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I just did a design with extremely tiny struts. I could not handle it at all until I got them 0.015 or larger.

Almost funny. It was like I only imagined them being there and when touched they just sort of turned into powder.
Once I hit that magic 0.015 I could at least handle them, so notched them up just a tad more.
That was plywood and a wood char or burn may have been part of the issue.

The final design was on acrylic and I may have had better luck with that resource.

I didnt making anything fancy for mine… left the button alone.

That’s gorgeous. I haven’t made an escutcheon yet. Very nice.

Not a top knot?

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Yeah, I like that better.



It was time to upgrade: