Art contest I won where I work



Every year we have a company retreat and there is a voluntary art contest where employees can make something to highlight the company. I won the $500 first place prize! So this is a bit of mix media.

I put together two shadow boxes to make one deeper one. Used a little Photoshop magic and replaced out the Mt. Rushmore presidents with the C-level shareholders at work. 3d engraved on the draftboard for the mountain and road. The city is a lighter engrave on maple plywood and the mountains are an even lighter engrave so to give the illusion of less detail the further away. Wired up LEDs to match the company colors.


Looks really nice and congrats on the win.

it always feels good to win. :slight_smile:


Congrats! Great idea and execution.


Congrats! (Upping the bar for everyone now…shame on you!) :wink:


Wow, that one is sure going to be hard to top next year!


There was no competition really. I’ve won 3 years now out of 5 years only cause I opted to not compete in a couple. I tend to go a bit over-the-top when I do stuff :slight_smile:




Well done!!!


A few more wins like that, and you will have paid for your Glowforge.


The diorama in front, company LED colors in the sunset… you did put a lot into that!
I suppose they wanted to keep it?


Goes up on display in the building. All artwork from previous competitions and competitors is displayed in various locations. So yea which is completely fine. I got paid haha


That’s super! That prize will keep you in materials for a bit.


That’s so friggin’ awesome. I love the mixed media. That’s a nice hefty prize as well, congrats!


Looks great. I love the Mount ‘Rushmore’ detail.


Very creative … Amazing job!


Congrats! I’m digging the mixed media. Looking forward to your art for next year’s retreat!


Thanks Dan! I have many many more projects in the works and will be sharing. Additional thanks for making sure an amazing tool I have added to my arsenal!


No wonder you won!! That’s top notch!! :heart_eyes: