Art Deco Earrings

some earrings. proof grade medium walnut ply and some .02" gold/black acrylic from inventibles.


Cool deco style! :grinning:


Very cool!

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Very Nice!

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Very nice! Sure looks like walnut, did you stain them?
Is that acrylic gold on black or black on gold? I have a piece of Inventables black on gold, really thin stuff!


You know what… it is walnut ha! I’ll change that. It is the really thin stuff… .02" gold, black when scored. so gold on black?

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Thanks! I couldn’t tell. Mine is the opposite, gold under the black. Really nice looking stuff! I don’t have a project in mind for it yet, but when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for something! Something special.:star_struck:

It occurs to me, the material construction is exactly opposite, but with a design like yours the effect will be identical, with the only difference being which color is at depth.
You nailed a great use of it there! The thin, light weight is perfect for earrings.
I feel inspiration sneaking up on me… :sunglasses:

Yes!! I actually didn’t realize it was so thin when I bought it and I was kind of disappointed. But I am so pleased Using it for jewelry. It will not disappoint.

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