Art Deco Style Luggage Tags




Full Instructable and source files in Illustrator and SVG here

How do I cut an alignment jig?

Love the Deco look! :grinning:


not only a very nice project but you did it Instructable!


Looks great! What a nice design!


Very nice.

It would be easier to get the back side alignment right if you include that artwork in the same file as the front artwork. In the GFUI, turn it off when you’re engraving and cutting the front, then just flip the tags without moving the rest of the sheet. Turn off the front side steps, turn on the back side engrave and go. As long as you don’t move the sheet or close the GFUI in between, everything will be perfectly aligned.


Nice! Throw a “Would You Kindly Return” on there and you’re all set!


thanks bdm1, i will certainly do that next time. Am also thinking about making a jig to hold 12x20 material the same place everytime, curious if anyone has already done that?


Nice! I love a good art deco styled anything.

Voted on your ible. Don’t be shy checking out my entry. :wink:


thanks! and checked out your Instructuable too, very nice! voted for ya’


Those look great!