Art for Boxes, Panels or whatever

I have been searching the net and Pinterest for art and decided to try and draw some of the pattern designs I like.
These may resemble some of the things you see, as they are my own drawings, they are not traced nor scanned, so I think I am able to post these.
I am having fun playing with Affinity designer and making different art for cuts and engraves. I will post some designs here.
Note these are posted for your own use, and not to be sold.
Panel Art 1


Nice! Thanks for posting!


Here is another pattern, Fill is on a layer and the Strokes are on their layer.Pattern 1

Very nice share and HAPPY CAKE DAY @numosbk!

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Happy birthday @numosbk! :smile:

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Thanks @kittski and @Jules, might even get a real piece of cake, just don’t tell my doctor.


Happy Birthday, @numosbk! I like your designs and that you made them in Affinity. Hope your day is wonderful.

Thanks, I have the program and thought I needed a project to make me learn Affinity better.

And with the day starting out like this, it is going to be good.


Here are a couple more patterns, they are both 11" x 11" all strokes are set to the Glowforge color palette (red)

Pattern 3 Rotate 45

Pattern 3 Vertical

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Here is another pattern, if anyone is interested, it is 12" x 12", the fill is on a layer and the strokes are on their own layer.Pattern 4


Nice patterns! Thanks for sharing them, they’ll make great decorative elements. :grinning:

Here is another one, not my design, I got it from free designs on

they have a lot of cool free stuff.

However I did clean it up and put the strokes on a layer and the fills on another layer.