Art Phone Docks, Boxes, and Keyholders

Hi everyone, I’m back to show off some new art creations! Though conventions have been pretty much killed this year, I managed to do an event last month and was excited to see some of our new glowforge made creations sell. I have a few things on etsy but I’m mostly selling through my website shop at

This was my table at the convention. I had to sacrifice some things I usually show and dedicated the left side for the wood makes. The acrylic LEDs are on top but difficult to see.


So I discovered we had a saw mill only 10 minutes away from our house! We visited, tried some spare samples he had lying around and ordered some fresh cut hardwoods for Cherry, Cypress, and Red Cedar. Though we’re still using the birch veneer from Home Depot for consistency on a lot of things, I really love the hardwoods and we hope to do more! This one Maiko phone dock is from the cherry wood

My Totoro art design converted for a phone dock made with Cypress.

Sailor Moon design phone dock, also in cypress.

My keyholder sets have been going over very well! I’ve also been accepting some custom orders I’ll share here.

Cusom character request

Custom animal crossing design - fresh out of the glowforge

This is my current in progress. I loved how the anime ship turned out so much though, I decided to make a standee version of it!

My husband helped to put together and finish these little boxes, sized for jewelry, knick knacks, or other small items. We decided to leave unfinished, only sanded.

Birch veneer

Walnut veneer

Cypress hardwood

Red cedar (and it smells amazing!)

Finally my husband made a GIANT custom box to fit 12 of the little boxes we plan to sell. You can watch a video of the boxes in action on my instagram here


I like the phone stand design, not sure I’ve seen one like that.


I really like the organic shapes of the cherry phone docks. Makes a very unique item vs standard rectangles. Nice

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Thanks James! I thought the shaped cut out would make them more interesting too :slight_smile:

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The sunny looks great! You’ve got some cool stuff, that’s for sure.


Very nice stuff! Cypress…hmmm. Might try and get some.


All your stuff loooks great! Nice store - and I like your url!

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My goodness this is beautiful work! Great job!

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Thanks Raymond! I’m a big One Piece fan so I was happy to have a reason to work on it thanks to a customer.

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Nice post! Love all the wood you tried. Some very nice work.

This is A W E S O M E! I’m an anime lover myself and totally fell for the One Piece. Great job on all your pieces and hope you sell out!

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