Artic Air cooling solution?

I keep seeing this infomercial for an “Artic air” personal cooling fan and every time it comes up I think of the GF. I wonder if this would be a down and dirty way to keep the GF running in the heat? I was actually pretty surprised with the review of it’s cooling ability as I figured it was a total sham. (It even has fairly decent reviews on Amazon.) Who knows, might be worth a shot for those of us dealing with the heat. (105 in my neck of the woods today :-/ )

Even the LA times had good things to say about it


Watching her video right through, I fear it might be ‘down and wet’ !

John :upside_down_face:

That is a humidifier as best I can tell.
Ideal for dry areas (especially desert conditions).

Go to best buy and examine the differences between a Cooler and a Humidifier.
More going on than just price.

It’s a tiny little swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) with lights. Will introduce humidity which is not great for electronics, but generally ok if you keep it below the dew point. Much more effective on bare skin to make you feel cooler. Not nearly as expensive to run as an A/C unit, and also not nearly as effective.
I have a 4’ one in my non-air-conditioned ‘dirty’ space, but I hate humidity and so I generally just use it for the fan with no water, and escape back to a/c when it gets to be too much. Glowforge lives in the room with a/c. Forcast is calling for 110° here today.


I tried swamp coolers when it was still in the low 100s here in Phoenix, AZ. They did not work or keep my shop cool enough for the GF. Evap coolers just don’t work well enough for the heat, I’m afraid. The good news is I now have a portable air conditioner unit that blows directly under the GF, and they both vent out the windows. That works much better. :wink: