Artisan’s Clutch w/ mod

My partner is a pastry chef who loves skulls. So here we go. Used the Artisan’s Clutch file and modified the end pieces with SVGs I purchased from a repository. I used PG thick leather and thick maple plywood. Dyed and finished the leather myself.


I had no idea what I was looking at on the first two pics. I was somehow thinking gearhead clutch. Now I understand. I forgot about the Artisan Clutch. Now onto better fun. That bow looks a little tight on the skull… haha… I like the design. It feels a little like James Bond-ish. It’s like you’re getting away with something on one end, and innocent and unsuspecting on the other. Very fun twist on this design. AWESOME!!!

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Nicely done. The personalization is terrific.

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Came at nice!