Artwork Filling In / Clipping Path Issue

I am trying to engrave this picture of a hand. The art is clipart that I imported into AI (pic below).

When I first upload to GF App it looks ok.

Then when I set the settings to Engrave it looks all weird… like this…

What am I doing wrong? I can’t figure this out.

Two ways to solve. Export the file as a PNG and engrave. It is just vectors at the moment.

As it is now it is not a closed path.

Select, stroke to path to get a path around the the fat lines. or whatever AI calls it.


Here is what happens when you don’t close a path


AI calls it “object/path/outline stroke”.

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You might try “Score” instead. It looks like it might be a vector line drawing and not filled in.

When you set to “Engrave” it does an automatic fill.


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