ASCII art for CNC (and GF!)

For those of us “of a certain age.”


I love tie fighters! The girlfriend and I plan on making quite the assortment of sci-fi related items once we get our forge.

On a related note I included an ASCII darth vader at the bottom of the source code for a project used in my last interview between myself and a large number of candidates. I ended up getting the job. Not sure how much vader helped, but someone definitely said “the force is strong with this one” during the formal interview lol


So like new age art (computers) that is now old school, onto a board that is old age art, using new high tech laser stuff for new age art… my brain blew up.


How about this?

Windows: Open the Start menu, type cmd, and press Enter. Run “telnet” in the prompt and sit back to watch the show. NB: Come PCs come with telnet disabled, but it can be renabled via a quick google search. :innocent:

Mac: Same deal — open Terminal and enter “telnet” and press return.

Be patient (the good stuff takes about a minute to start), and may the force be with you! As all good telnet users know, ctrl+c will stop the process.



Just saw this and ran the telnet. Just amazing. Someone obviously had way too much time on their hands :grin:

Well then — in honor of Star Wars Day, have you seen this?

Way, way too much time, but I keep thinking “pass-through slot…”


Hmmmm…put a roll of kraft paper on one side and run it thru the pass through slot to a pickup roller on the other side. Wonder how hard it would be to sync a motor to the laser to roll the paper as it feeds…

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