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Do be careful with the gorilla tape. That stuff is strong and does a great job, but I had it pull a couple of pieces apart a bit while weeding.

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Which is why I started using plastic razor blades :wink: Also their life expectancy vs cost is also better, and their uses are a little more versatile. Not to say I don’t have duct tape and gorilla tape literally sitting on my Glowforge, because I do! I actually like using the regular duct tape to pull pieces out with less hassle when I need to flip the designs over and not move the sheet of whatever it is that I’m cutting.


Absolutely. Your bonds need to be strong if you let the tape get a good hold. I’ve weeded detailed pieces with gorilla tape by using it almost like a sponge, tapping the surface so the tape doesn’t have time to adhere to the exposed wood.


Where do you get your plastic blades? I’ve not heard of them before.

The biggest issue may be the bonds between the transfer tape and the image to vs. the bonds between the image and the base. Also, if you’re using something like chipboard (the cardboard, not the wood), it can pull apart fairly easily. It’s not the Gorilla tape so much as that particular method of weeding, vs. scraping or pulling off in parts.

I got mine from Amazon.

Agreed. However I’ve never had a problem with that. I pull the pieces loose by tilting the piece so a corner releases first.

Whatever method you use, it’s all a matter of getting a feel for it


Very true. Glad to hear you have had no issues. :slight_smile:

I also get mine from Amazon. Their common use seems to be for scraping stuff off of glass, so that you don’t scratch it. I bought a pack of 100 over a year ago and maybe have used 20, so I’d say they were a good investment :+1:t4:


Harbor Freight has them as well

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I use them at one job for sticker removal off business phones and I introduced them to my hospital coworkers to strip the nurses labels off of the IV machines.


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