Asking for tips with engraving knife blade

I have been asked to engrave a knife blade. Can anyone give me advice on settings and any other tips.

Welcome to the forum. I have moved your post out of the support category as we can only discuss non Proofgrade material and settings in the Beyond the Manual section.

Many users have engraved on metal and specifically knife blades and posted about their experience. I suggest you use the search function and read through some or all of their posts. It will give you an idea of where to start. The main thing to know is that you are going to need a marking agent such as Cermark and that the laser dosen’t actually engrave metal.


You can’t engrave metal directly with the Glowforge, (function of the power and type of laser). But you can put Cermark (or sometimes homemade coatings) on the metal, and the laser reacts with that to create permanent making on the metal.


Came across this while searching on here. I haven’t tried it but might get around to that someday:

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I use Thermark tape. It’s expensive but very quick and easy to use and high rate of success. It cost maybe 20c a blade to make a signature or logo. No mess.

Clean the surface with IPA, cut a small amount of tape and place on the blade. Into the Glowforge. I use full power, 300 speed, 105 lines per cm and one pass. Perl off the tape and clean again with IPA. Done.

It has a nice clear black etch.

Here is one I did yesterday



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