Assembly instructions for the table hockey game

Are there assembly instructions for the Table Hockey File?



How do I save this so that I can change the team names?

When you close the file it will be saved as you last used it in your Dashboard

I’m sorry, I am still struggling with the “save”. I use Inkscape and I want to be able to open the design in inkscape so I can modify the names - What am I missing.

Use small, untechnical words for me - :joy:

Free files cannot be saved to your computer - so you cannot open this file in Inkscape. You can, however, create whatever text file you wish in Inkscape (or in the Glowforge interface) and drag it onto the interface while the appropriate page of the hockey game is open. Position the text (team names) as you desire and when you close the file it will be saved on your Dashboard as you last used it.

Thanks - I have another problem:
I didn’t realize it was three “Sheets” of cut ( I thought that I downloaded it three times).
I hade to make some adjustments to the layout because I wasn’t using proofgrade sized material and not everything would fit.
So now I have 0 of 3 "sheets’ that are correct for the hockey table - jeez, I feel dumb.

Is there anyway to get this file again?
Every time I try it keeps uploading my same stupid mistakes!

Thanks, gang!

Open the design. Click the three dots in the toolbar. Choose Design Details. Click Reset Design.


I was going to cut this tomorrow. Are you saying I need 3 full pieces of wood? When I upload it, it looks like all fits on 1 sheet.

Yep, three sheets.

Ok, thanks. so do you cut the same thing 3 times?

You do not cut the same thing three times. There are three files for three sheets of material.

Ok, I understand. I only have the 1st one loaded which is 1. Medium Plywood.

Right. There are two more files to load and print.

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