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I’m a brand new Glowforge owner based in the UK. I’ve brought 3mm acrylic from Hobart’s but I’m having all sorts of issues cutting it. No matter which settings I use, it’s not cutting all the way through or it’ll cut part of the design and not all of it - I’m at my wits end a bit with it and wasting so much material - is anyone available to assist?

If it is cast acrylic (vs extruded), it should cut fine using the Proofgrade settings for medium acrylic. Have you tried using those? Actually, although I’ve not tried extruded, I would think the same settings should work.

But if it’s not cutting part of your design, I would start to suspect the file. If you could upload it here (zipped please), I’d be glad to take a look at it.


Cast and extruded acrylic do not cut the same. Extruded takes a lot more power or slower speed. I found this the hard way when a vendor supplied me with extruded instead of cast.


Good to know! I should have done a forum search.

Since this problem is being seen on materials that were purchased from another company, we can’t offer support for prints that don’t come out as expected. Materials may vary widely from piece to piece, even if they’re created by the same manufacturer. I’m going to move it to Beyond the Manual so other folks here can help. Should this happen with a print on Proofgrade materials, please open a new ticket in Problems and Support and we’ll be happy to assist!

Good testing is key.

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