At Last!

My GF is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am 400 miles away on a business trip.I KNEW that this would heppen when I scheduled this trip. Hopefully my vendor can finish up in the morning and I can still fly home in time to receive it.


Well congrats, and I’m sorry to hear that! :smile:


I’ll be 3600 miles away when mine arrives next week.


I’ll be in my garage waiting next Tuesday with the door open … perhaps a 45’ stroll. Ain’t life great when you are lucky enough to be retired! :sunglasses:


Absolutely my friend. Everyday is Saturday, days of the week mean nothing. But - we lose that ‘It’s Friday!’ feeling, along with the anticipation. That punctuation in the grind. That celebration.
“With every gain there is loss”.

And there with bells on to help carry it…
Jules cracked me up when she said " I think I might have startled the gal. I might have been drooling." :rofl:


I still get that feeling! It’s just been shifted to Monday (less crowds…)!


I was 8,712 miles away when mine was delivered - and had to wait 4 days to get home and unbox it! Fingers crossed you can leave early to get home for yours!


Yikes! That’s been my fear all along as well. So sorry for you that the schedule is messed up. Can you have UPS hold it until you’re back?

Hmmm…makes me think of all those movies about trying to get home for the holidays :wink:


Well, I escaped my project and flew home, so I will be here when it arrives! I may not get it set up tonight, but at least it will be here/.


I am Glowforged! Just arrived. 4 handles and the box was in remarkable condition (but I am on 20 miles from where they are built). If I can stay awake after the last 2 days, I will try to hot it up tonight.



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Thanks, Jules! You are the best!

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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what you are going to make.

The GlowWorm LIVES! About 20 minutes start to first print (the Founders Ruler, of course).

Obviously, I am THRILLED. Don’t like the recalibrate after each print and it is a LOT slower to start printing than my (no longer have) K40, but the print quality is MUCH better.


Recalibration after a print might have something to do with S/W updates on a new machine. Normally calibration happens once, I repeat, once on power up. No further calibration needed until it is powered down and powered up the next day.

Check to make sure that the lenses are clean and streak free.

Firmware updates happens at start up, but if your GF :glowforge: is calibrationing after each print, then it is getting some sort of triggering thinking it is out of alignment (possibly do to an optical issue)

@PFI-Guy I think you are correct. My :glowforge: only did the re-calibrate once after the initial power on.