At least I got a email

They planning to ship my pro unit Nov 20 right before thanksgiving


I believe they are actually planning on sending you an email asking for your mailing address (shipping notification) on 20 Nov, and then they expect to have it delivered within 6 weeks of your response. I wouldn’t bet on being able to make Christmas projects just yet.

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Good for you!

same day for my basic! Woot shipping buddies! :joy:

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They push my shipping day back 9 days now lol.

So, use this as you see fit:

  1. Ordered my Basic on Oct 15, 2015
  2. Notified initially to expect the Golden Email on Oct 23rd --> then moved to Oct 31st --> and finally adjusted to Oct 27th.
  3. Received the Golden Email on Oct 27, 2017
  • used this to order Proofgrade from the Store (with a $160 Store credit waiting for me)
  • received the Proofgrade on Nov 3, 2017 and Laser Safety Glasses today (Nov 7, 2017)
  1. Received the Email for the $150 Proofgrade supplement just today as well (Nov 7, 2017)
    4a. Just used the freebie code (in the Proofgrade email) to order more material from Inventables.

  2. Based on what I’ve seen reported on numerous posts over the past several months:

  • the email announcing the imminent arrival of the Glowforge (shipped in 2 boxes) comes with ample warning (several days) or sometimes it seems to arrive the day prior to delivery or sometimes even on the day of delivery
  • in any case I imagine I will have the 79lb bundle of joy within the next 5-8 days.

Hurrah for me. :glowforge::proofgrade::sunglasses: