At what temp does "Too Cold" occur?


Lets try to identify the lower operating temperature limit. The official operating range goes down to 60F but that’s not when the “Too Cold” error and pause occurs.

Last year, before the “Too Cold” warning was enabled, I received an amber light somewhere around 51F. Don’t know if it was because of the temperature or another issue. It did not reoccur the rest of the winter, but I also never again operated that low.

It’s currently windy and below freezing outside. There are two wireless temperature sensors inside my GF both reading 57F. I was able to perform a cold power up and immediately do a short engrave with no errors. So 57F seems to be OK.

Edit: Works fine at 54F. No warning yet.

Feel free to add your data. Keep in mind that a GF that has been on for a while will have a significantly different coolant temperature than the actual room temperature. A cold start and quick cut or engrave will probably be the most valid test.