Atlanta | Maker Faire 2018

A few years back i went to the Bay Area Maker’s Faire, and it’s kind of ruined the other ones for me, but i still go to Atlanta. I would like to do the World Maker Faire in NY also.

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I agree, the big ones kind of blow your mind. I’ve gone to the Bay Area one 3 times, each time bringing more people to share it with. Nothing like making sauerkraut by hand with all your family and a bunch of strangers ;p


This is in a couple of days! A little fun break to look forward to ;p If anyone is interested, we could get a little material swap going. I’ve got a decent amount of silver mirror acrylic+ other colored acrylics to trade if any one will be there/have an over abundance of some type of laser-able materials ;p

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Alas, I’m kennel sitting up in Dahlonega, taking care of puppies and big dogs alike.


They’re so cute! :grin:

Don’t let them fool you. No shoelaces are safe around them, little monsters :wink:


this is a really good idea. even just creating grab-bag scrap bags to trade so people can test things out. just specify a minimum size for the pieces, fill up at least X lbs of materials, put a number on it, then pick names/numbers out of a bag and who knows what stuff you might go home with to test out.

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