ATLANTA - meetup?

Anyone in the greater Atlanta area interested in just getting together for dinner and discussion one night? If we get enough interest, we could do something cool like have a projector and a laptop - bring some stuff you’re proud of and pictures to get your five minutes of fame talking about it to the group. No podium!!! Over beers and tacos, or similar…


Why not? What timeframe are you thinking?


The rest of us require photo documentation!


When we reach a quorum?

You’re local???

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I’ve mentioned Atlanta material sources several times, and wrote a thread about it. We talked about the Marietta makerspace in it.

Out of curiosity I searched for my mentions of the A:

So I’m local :slight_smile:


I have a hard time keeping forumpeople’s locations and other data connected to their names in my head, at least until I’ve done quite a bit of interacting with them. That goes especially for those without distinguishable avatars of some sort to identify them with, or for people who change their avatars a lot. The more generic the visual identifier, the longer it takes me to get the details to stick together. And if you change it, you’re a new person and I have to start all over again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think my brain needs a face, or at least a face substitute, to link information with. It’s the same way with patients. I can read their whole chart and all their history and circumstances of why I’m seeing them, and none of it sticks in my brain until I’ve seen them once. Once I’ve seen them, it’s all good. :slight_smile:


Sorry, similar to what g2n stated, it’s hard for me to keep this stuff in my head.

On a related note, this is the first forum I’ve been active on that doesn’t show member location in a sidebar or similar. Would be nice to be able to turn that on.

Anyway, that’s great, let’s see if anyone else chimes in… because, you know, it would be weird if two dudes met for dinner…


You tell me. I place little value on what other people think is weird.


How far out would be “immediate area?” I’m about 4 hours out with ATL being the closest clump of forgers for me.

I could see doing a Saturday sometime.


My busy season starts next month but I would sure enjoy a meet up.

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I’m not a local to Atlanta, but I’m there somewhat frequently; and Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Boston, New Orleans, Manhattan, and probably many other places I’m forgetting.


I’m headed up to Atlanta next week for the IWF (International Woodworking Fair). Happens every other year, but I’ve never been. It’s really the GF that’s driving the decision to go (although CNC is also a factor). So many projects are wood related, thought it might be interesting.

I’m not far from there, Greenville SC. Depending on date I could be interested.

I’m super flexible, weekday, weekends, whatever.

I have some stuff planned (mostly concerts and perhaps dragoncon), but other than that, I’m agreeable. At some point, I suppose a poll will be in order with a few prospective dates/locations?

Wherever we choose, it’ll have to be cool with a bunch of laser geekery. I’ll definitely be bringing show and tell.


I’m just outside of Atlanta.

Oh, wow, I’m definitely going to check that out. Unfortunate that it’s only 8:30-13:00 on Saturday, but that’s probably enough time for me.

Would others be interested this coming weekend, using this show as an excuse to come in to Atlanta if you’re not local?

Meet up Friday evening, or Saturday afternoon after the show?

The Denver folks had some good meet-ups based on the days that Tap plastics (I think?), or someone, had their discount/off-cut/bargain bin/something like that days. Centering it around something like the event you’re looking at, or a discount day is always good. :+1:


I was thinking overnight - perhaps if it was after the show on Saturday, we could organize a tour of a local maker space.

I’m down in Warner Robins, about 2 hours south of Atlanta. I’d be interested in meeting some fellow forgers, although I couldn’t make it this Saturday.

If you are on the Instagrams, please to tell me your user names so I can give you a follows! Mine is @3catmax, and I recognize @geek2nurse as someone who follows me ;p

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I’m not in GA, though. :wink:

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