August 2020 Update Discussion

What I do is click the star on anything that I might like as I scroll through a search. Pick the last one and you’ll see all your marked ones in favorites. I add them to my screen and unclick the stars as I do that.


Ohhh that’s a wonderful work around! Thank you!

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I purchased a Glowforge Pro a few months ago and have been LOVING it so far. One thing that I’m really surprised isn’t available on the Glowforge web app is a folder system, or any way of organizing our files. Is this something that you guys plan on implementing in the future? I can’t speak for everyone, but it would 1000% make my workflow a lot more manageable and streamlined.

<3 Bella


Welcome to the forum. Folder request dates back to the beginning of the Glowforge experience in 2017. If enough people request it, eventually it may happen.


Let’s hope!

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