August Birthdays

When I ordered my Glowforge, I told myself I wouldn’t be buying people presents anymore. August had a few family birthdays. Here are the results

Happy Forging,


I like that map. What’s the material?


I like the variety in your projects…your family must have some widely divergent interests. :grinning:


@evansd2, Every trip to Home Depot includes a visit to the area they keep their cut-off saw. People buy a 8ft board and ask Home Depot yo cut it to some other length. The extra is usually laying around as scrap. That scrap is free!

So, I end up with a variety of different wood species. In this case, the football was pine (don’t recommend because it scratches easily) and the other two pieces (the hamsa and the map) were red oak.

I bought a thickness planer last year so I can also turn crappy old wood into beautiful cutting boards and other pieces. Between the two, I don’t pay for wood very often.


Map is awesome.

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@Jules, I agree! Brother-in-law likes the Ravens, my mother likes & collects hamsas, and my sister loves the town of Westport, CT.
I learned a long time ago that you’re supposed to give people gifts that THEY will like rather than than gifts you would like for yourself.
If I didn’t follow that motto, I’d be buying everyone Glowforges!


Hey, they might like one of those too… :wink:

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Wow these are all really nice. Thanks for sharing.

They look like they follow one of my motto’s which is “go big or go home”.

I’ve got to do better about looking around the cut-off area at Home Depot and then using my thickness planner to recover what would otherwise be scrap.

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I’m not into football … But I really like this one!