Aura and MDF

I don’t have the Aura, but Glowforge states the Aura cannot cut draftboard materials. Does this mean it can’t or shouldn’t be used for mdf?


I haven’t tried it, but it would be nice to understand.


Since the biggest issue we see on here with the Aura is the bars getting dirty, I imagine it would quickly fail if one tried to cut MDF - but if you get an official answer by calling support ( we’d love to hear it!


I also wondered if it’s because they know it will clog up the personal filter too quickly.


Actually it says the Aura is not compatible with Draftboard - not that it cannot cut Draftboard.

I contacted Support and will share the response when I get it.


So far I have received 2 automated answers. One from a bot and one from a person. Neither answer addressed my question.


Here is the answer:

Angie, Glowforge Expert (Glowforge)

Jan 11, 2024, 2:27 PM PST

My name is Angie and I appreciate you reaching out. I am so sorry for the delayed response! We aim to provide prompt responses and we failed to do that for you here.

Thank you for asking! We don’t recommend cutting on draftboard or other MDF products with the Glowforge Aura. There are many fine particles created when cutting materials made in part or in whole from engineered wood, which can very quickly build up on the Aura’s optics and rails and create problems during prints. The Aura does much better on natural hardwood, acrylics, fabrics, or paper.

I hope that this helps!


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