Austin Fashion Week!

Photos from Austin Fashion Week are in! Lets start with my mom in a cape I just finished glowforging :slight_smile:

P.S. these are photos my dad took and he loves taking photos of her :slight_smile:

Next up is one I just finished…This use to be a DDR mat… :slight_smile:

This one was in my last show and everyone has been crazy for it. I like it and all but I like all my stuff :slight_smile:

this is the cape that has LEDs I programmed to be lightning bugs.

This was the 90s kid outfit I made that a shoe designer asked to make shoes for. She inspired me to then make leg warmers.

This is a lisa frank one.

I had been waiting for about 6 months for this fabric. It came in last minute. Also, it was originally going to be worn by a different model of mine. However, this model just drove 3 hours to get there only for his designer to cancel on him. So I last minute found an outfit so that he can be one of my models. It was perfect.

This is the model that was wearing my light up boots. I was going for a Zenon vibe.

Here is a video of the shoes:

This model was wearing my furby fur outfit with a tamagotchi.

This model was amazing to work with. She was really sweet. She has down syndrome and I think she is setting a great example for diversity and fashion.

Here are more of the models.

Also, one of my best friends and me in an outfit I just finished from the glwoforge:

Some of the other outfits in the set:


Love everything especially the light up sneakers.

You are the American version of Harajuku fashion!!


I think it’s SO cool you’re getting to do this!


Love the clothes, but really love the life that the models bring to the outfit. Well done!


Simply Fantastic!! The clothes and the models are wonderful! What fun!


These are amazing. I like the blue one best too! Awesome!


Thank you for sharing the show with us!


Thanks for sharing! Very creative!




Wow! This is amazing. Congratulations!!!


Looks like you had a fabulous show! Love seeing your mom wearing her cape, and all your designs on the models. They look like they all had a great time! And you were there, so you got all your designs back this time!

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I’m continually amazed at your design sense and productivity. And it’s not hard to see where you get your great looks from—your mom is amazing!


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