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Hi Everyone,

Iska here, based in Perth, Western Australia!

So I placed my ‘Glowforge Pro’ order on the 20th of October and now reading the ‘Community’ update from October, I’m very worried I will be waiting a fair amount of time before my machine gets to me (I’m sorry if this is insensitive to those who waited years, I don’t mean to offend).

I have communicated with some lovely people on the ‘Glowforge Australia Facebook Group’ and a very helpful lady (Anne) purchased her ‘Glowforge Basic’ machine on the 30th of September, 2019 and received it on the 14th of October, 2019.

However, I would imagine this wouldn’t be the case for everyone! So my question is for those who have recently ordered (from Australia and in the last few days perhaps), have you received shipping updates as yet?

With that in mind, I can’t seem to find the page where it showed my ‘estimated delivery time’ within my account - has this part of our accounts been removed or am I a little blind and just can’t find it.

Anyone willing to help me out, would be much appreciated!

Thanking you!

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I think you want


You’re not blind - it’s not actually linked from anywhere, but @rbtdanforth linked it above

Australia only started shipping comparatively recently, but folks are receiving them!

As someone who waited from the original crowdfund I’m pleased as punch that people can get them now without a huge wait - but even a short wait can be frustrating. Hopefully you get the info you need from your account page! At least here in the States folks often have a machine on their doorstep before they get a shipping update from the company - so far that’s not their strong suit!

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Thank you so much @rbtdanforth - Ive been checking this link non-stop! Still says estimated delivery date of Sept 30th, 2019.

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