Australian wood supplies

Hi guys, I’ve seen topics covering wood suppliers in other countries but nothing specifically for Australia. Any fellow countrymen out there, where do you get suitable supplies for laser cutting? I’ve seen Engraving Supplies ( but they’re quite pricey.


I went ahead and ordered from engravingsupplies and the quality looks good (and flat). I’ll try a cut today and report back but the main issue I can see is no masking by default. For a $5 piece of 3mm MDF it’s an additional $17 for 3M masking! The quest to find a proofgrade like quality and priced source continues.

Do you have a Glowforge in Australia?

Personal import perhaps?

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Yep, I took the risk and imported as I had an immediate need. I really hope we see shipping start soon as it’s a great product. Getting good materials will be the real issue over here as we don’t have the same maker base and therefore supplier interest.

Which city you in?
How are you dealing with the limited heat tolerances?

In North Sydney and I’ve had no heat issues so far. That said it is winter (ish) and the unit is a Pro so it really hasn’t been pushed. The longest print I’ve run is about 2.5 hours of engraving.
If anyone is around Sydney and interested in seeing a unit I’m happy to share.


Might take you up on that!
I am up the coast

I’ll definitely like to take you up on that offer. I live in Forestville and work in North Sydney :+1::grinning::australia:

I’m expecting to use Bunnings as a key supplier! :crossed_fingers:

Potential material suppliers:


Thanks Tex. I’m going to give Bunnings a go for Ply and see how we land. If you’re interested in taking a look drop my a PM when you’re free.

Hi Jimbo,
I am in Cremorne and ordered my pro so many years ago I have forgotten how long its been. The shipping date keeps getting moved by 3 months every 3 months!!
The newest date for me is the end of October… hopefully 2018 :-()
It would be great to see your machine and would be delighted to catch up for a chat, if you would like to?

Sorry for the delay! For sure you can come and take a look. I’ll drop you a PM.

any updates on wood supplies for the glowforge in sydney?

mine just arrived today after a Looooong wait.