Auto centre design to material


It would be really useful if the GF could auto-centre your design onto the material seen by the camera.

That would save so much fiddling around to get the object dead centre.

And better (but harder) to have “ACTUAL” centre and “VISUAL” centre options.

And better still - to have auto-rotate so that it automatically rotates with any parallel edges on the material

You really could just plonk in the material and go then!!


It would be a terrible waste of the cameras if it won’t.


How about project a grid (led) onto the bed…


+10,000 on this. Autocenter would be a “killer app” feature.


Yes. This!
I am probably obsessive as a designer about lining things up and accurate layout, and love this idea


That’s a great thought. :smile:


Thanks - will throw that into the hopper! cc @Tony.