Auto Double Cut Lines

GF is automatically adding cut lines to original cut file. Why?

Trying to cut a simple 4x6 square, it’s automatically adding a second cut line path (no… it’s not my artwork)

Anyone else having this issue?

Sounds like you have double cut lines in the file. It won’t automagically add them.


Yes, maybe 3-4 times. Each time I was convinced it was not the drawing, and it ended up being the drawing.


honestly, i had that problem with a job on Saturday. And I went back into the PDF and original AI file and i couldn’t find any additional lines. i haven’t tried to troubleshoot beyond looking at the original AI/PDF and not finding issues in the file.

the only thing i noticed that was different from what i normally was that the stroke on the AI file was set to be outside of the line. that shouldn’t affect the GF print, though.

haven’t done any cutting since.

It sound like it’s cutting on either side of the stroke and not down the center


When handing Inkspace a fine line to vectorize It will make them double lines no matter how thin the line. getting it to NOT do that is harder,


I use hairline width or none (Corel) just to avoid having the file set up wrong and it scoring the path on both outer edges instead of engraving the fat line. Can get confusing when you zoom out too much and chunks of the project disappear though. No idea how to set width on Inkscape.

But yeah, if all the curves are broken apart, when you clear and then try to select a segment it should grab the top one, which when moved would show another underneath.

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I’ve noticed that Fusion 460 sketch -> DXF -> InkScape -> SVG sometimes adds duplicates that are definitely not there in the original. It usually takes a couple of ungroups before dragging stuff around to see the duplicate.

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Yup, in a year of doing this the forge nor the GFUI has ever done it to me. Always turns out to be the file. It can help to zoom way in and go to node edit to find the culpret.

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Need to post your file.

Yes! I recall Corel can choose either option or a few others, I have a legal version 12 but have not loaded it to the computer as yet.

The best way to tell in Inkscape is to grab the middle area and pull it down, one line will pull and the other will stay put even if they cannot be distinguished

I started a new thread with a general case that could solve the problem here

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