Auto passthrough first successful attempt

So I got a chance to be I think the first person to test out the auto passthrough on the WeCreat machine. Now that I got the software and firmware combo, I think this thing is gonna be awesome to make bigger items. I haven’t really used my Glowforge pro passthrough to much due to the segments. I figured you all would find this interesting to see it in action. Here’s a video I made, your welcome to skip toward the end of the video to see it working back and forth:

Otherwise those who don’t like videos, here’s just a photo of what it looks like:


I use the passthrough pretty much all the time but very rarely for large work. I can use 18" x 24" material or as many as 5 partially used pieces to make the same design in several materials without switching them out.

More commonly in the past I used 19"x48"inch material that I could treat as a very large design but as it was many smaller parts, being a millimeter off one side or the other was less critical, and 2 to 4 “sheets” could be a single upload.

So having that sort of automation would make it a single pass instead of four which would be useful for large engraved areas like for signs, but not for most of what I do. (Now if it could cut 1" material that could be a lot more interesting.)