Autodesk killing 123D line of apps


So, I got this email earlier today, seems Autodesk is killing their 123D line of apps.

As to design work, I migrated to Fusion 360 long ago, my only worry is they have not said specifically what will become of 123Make’s code.
I sure hope it ends up as a tab in F360!

123d make alternative

Odd… Haven’t receive such a notification, nor seen it mentioned anywhere else. Did the email include a link?



Oh no! I was just telling a friend about 123d catch. Bummer.


Dagnabbit! :angry:


Oh, bother!

My takeaway from the announcement is the importance of installing all the 123D apps now (and archiving the installers where possible) until they decide where Make, etc. will end up.

From their knowledgebase:

Can I still use the apps?
If you have a version of the app on your phone, tablet or desktop you will still be able to use it, but over time the app may not continue to work in the same way. Some will have limited functionality and some will continue to work without problems.

We will no longer be developing or supporting the 123D products after March 31, 2017.

Are there other Autodesk apps I should look at?
Don’t worry; we have great products for you to transition to. Initially, we suggest exploring Tinkercad, Autodesk Fusion 360, and Autodesk Remake.

In the coming weeks/months you will receive additional information about this transition. Here are links to some product information and training if you want to start exploring today.

Product Overviews:
Autodesk Fusion 360:
Autodesk Remake:


Not getting enough conversions to the profitable stuff?


That’s too bad. I looked at the F360, but it is subscription based. I just can’t justify paying monthly for a program right now. I wish there was a base price. Seems everything is going to subscription. I’m glad I still have the hard copy of CS5.


Fusion 360 is free for personal use.


Take another look. It is free unless you are using it in your business and that business is making over 100K. You have to “certify” but that takes less than 15 min.


Install the Free Trial and when you go to register, you can select: Hobbiest, small business(under 100k) or something to that effect. I just had to re-up my free registeration a week ago.


My biggest concern is that they will pull the plug on 123d Make without having moved it’s code somewhere else. 123d Make is not just free but the ONLY program of its type that I know about and almost looks written with the laser cutter in mind.


Thanks @chadmart1076, @markevans36301, and @wesleyjames for the clarification on F360. I didn’t see the “fine print.” Just downloaded! :grin:


Yeah I JUST installed 123Make and not only would that be handy for use with the glowforge, it would help me with larger projects as well, like large composite structures where I make skeleton frames and wrap composite skins around.


This concerned me enough that I dropped a ticket to inquire about 123d make. Great news! There will be a fusion 360 plug in in the app store soon. So while we don’t know exactly what form it will take, the code will live on.