Automatic Wheel Patterns for Gears, Wheels, Coasters and others

The ONLY program (that I could find on the internet) for automatically generating patterns suitable for gears, wheels, coasters and other applications.


Good find. I believe with sufficient practice some free svg software can do this as well using the mirror function. I have taken scribbles, loaded them into illustrator, cropped them then mirrored along the straight side and got some nice effects for Web design. Have fun

So this program just does the spokes?

Gears unfortunately get really complicated in the teeth: If you want to see how to make a gear from scratch, you can watch Adam Savage do it here. As he mentions in the video, for making working gears, you need to select precise widths, depths and contours to your teeth so that they mate properly for your application.

Of course, there are plenty of web apps you can use to make them for you. You don’t need to know all the details of gear mechanics, but it helps to know a few.


Gearotic is an interesting gear design program that lets you design/specify gears and gear trains, simulate them on screen, and generate CAD files of the gears you’ve designed or specified.

A search for Gearotic on YouTube should turn up some interesting tutorials, including some on imaginary gears that can’t be easily machined but could be cut with a Glowforge.


SketchUp has a nice plugin that allows you to create involute gears. You can specify the radius, number of teeth, and tooth angles. It is called Cadalog_Gear.

I used it to create the my giant gears.

You can see them in detail at (there are several posts that shows the detail of each gear).

I used the plugin to create the outline of the gear, then I exploded that outline, took one “section” of the gear, and embellished it. I then used the rotate feature to “mirror” that section around the whole gear. It worked great for me.

Recently, I also used it for the Dice Tower (


Darn it PBF, you’re making us look like slackers.


Excellent work!

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Another vote for Gearotic 2.0
You can also design the Escapements so you can make working things. Here is a “Grasshopper” Escapement as an example. (One of the things on my list of build items when I get my GF)


A couple interesting new vector tools have been added to Gearotic recently. Specifically a ruler generator and “florish”.


FWIW, Inkscape has a gear tool, as does openscad. I’ve used the openscad one a fair bit.

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