Avatar piece (file)

Hi everyone! In another post, someone asked about if I had done any layered Avatar pieces yet, and the challenge intrigued me. But, to be truly honest, I’m not sure I’d be able to do the piece justice with the coloring, I tend to struggle with the various shades of blue, and I have a bunch of other projects on my plate at the moment, so it would be a while before I got around to it anyway.

But, if anyone wants to make one of these and give it a go, here’s what I came up with, I’d love to see what you end up doing with it!


Enjoy, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Avatar the movie and not avatar the last airbender?

I didn’t think the Na’vi avatar had much cultural relevance compared to ATLA or Korra, but I’m sure there are some die hard fans out there.


Very nice, thanks for the share!


I know I am a rarity, but I loved that movie. As did my daughter. We even tried to learn a little of the language, since it was like klingon, in that there was actually enough language to use, and not just for the movie. I got a tattoo on my ribs of a compass rose with the words Oel Ngati Kameie around it. (So I would always be able to find my daughter)


It’s the only movie I ever saw twice in two days, so I probably qualify. It wasn’t so much the story as the visuals, for me!


Oh, how kind of you! Yes, it could be a challenge to color.


Yep, fan too - especially in 3D. Thanks for the share!


Yeah I remembered liking the movie at the time, but the cultural footprint has always seemed very small compared to the fact that it was the biggest grossing movie of all time…. Never really knew why that was. I’m sure someone has done a 2 hour video essay on YouTube about this, I just am not quite that curious :slight_smile:


Hey, who wants to have their own tail and fly on a dragon? ME ME ME


Whenever I see Avatar, Aang is the first to pop into my head… when they say movie, I think of that terrible live action film.

Speaking of this movie though… everyone talked about how great it was in 3D. My eyes/brain/something can’t handle the weird 3D stuff (seems fine in the oculus-but not with those glasses).

I got a massive migraine from watching the movie in theaters. Had to watch it with only one eye open… so…it was alright…:rofl::rofl:


I’d say just in time for the sequels… but at this rate I’m gonna be dead before cameron finishes the sequels. :smiley:


I am still surprised at the number of sequels planned…


An amazing gift to the forum. Thank you!


Be interesting to see how you handle the Disney ride. I rode it last month and it has to be the most technically capable ride I’ve been on. It was very hard not to believe I was riding/flying - the dive-bombing down to the clouds & cliffs along with the feel of the cycle I was sitting on (“riding”) as it moved and transmitted vibrations was extraordinarily well done.


I get sick at universal studios Hollywood. All their “rides” are just screens with those glasses.


omg I could not do those.

I’m afraid my love of going on roller coasters and other rides are over. lol I’d just get vertigo probably.

This is how I feel about getting older: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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I love rollercoasters. But those screen rides with the 3d glasses leave me with horrible migraines. I used to take my kids to Universal every Friday since we had annual passes. Between those rides and the soul-crushing traffic coming home, I needed all weekend to recover.

I was much happier with Knotts berry farm passes. No screens, just real-old rides…I want Disney passes, but I want to make sure we can actually use them before committing to that huge price tag…


@jamesdhatch is correct! The Disney ride is unbelievable! You really felt immersed inteh world of Avatar and I am pretty sure that is exactly what it would be like to fly.


I have some glow in the dark powder that mixed with paints would be so cool!..I may have to try :heart:

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