Avengers Coasters and container

I was asked by a relative to make some Marvel Coasters for her son for Christmas. He is a huge fan. Had fun designing this for her. The coasters are pre-cut 1/8" cork purchased from Michael’s and the container is made from 1/8" birch from Joann Fabric. I found the settings to engrave the cork in the Materials Google Drive file found in another post on this forum. For the wood I have found that the GF Medium Maple settings are perfect. Let me know what you all think.


I love the holder! Nicely done.


Very polished product there. :star_struck:


This is awesome! Great job! Love the characters on the holder structure!

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Nicely done!

Great project. The holder is over the top.

Those are fabulous - but that case, that case is a thing of frickin’ beauty!
Totes envious

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I’m sure he loved it, as it is very well done! Love the holder!

I particularly love the logos around the sides.