Avery Magnet Sheets

Not sure what this is made from, but I used to use this stuff all the time when I was airbrushing. I used to print it on a plotter/cutter

“Avery Magnet Sheets”

If it’s the the that has a coloured vinyl adhered to it check if its PVC. I read PVC is bad for lasers

I cut magnet on my plotter sometimes so it shoud laser cut!

I have a big roll that does not have anything adhered to it, but still wondering what it’s made of. So I need to look into it.
I think the Avery ones have paper adhered to them, but still worried about the base material.

According to this list from atxhackerspace.org, Magnetic Sheet “Cuts Beautifully”.
They do not mention any specific brands or products. I just sent off an inquiry to Magnum Magnetics, I will update if they give me any useful info.

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From Magnum Magnetics Customer Support:

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we do not recommend laser cutting our magnets. The heat is too harsh on the material and can negatively affect its performance. Any other cutting technique is okay.

Thank you,

Morgan Spung
Sales/Customer Service
Magnum Magnetics

sounds to me like it is not an issue of safety, but more an issues of how well the magnets will perform after being cut. Tests are in order. Losing some magnetic force might be ok for a fridge magnet where it would be unsuitable for a vehicle magnet.

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I have WAY too big of a roll of this stuff not to try it out. I don’t remember where I got it.
Thanks for looking into this.

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I thought of this stuff too. Looks like PVC free is readily available. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/pvc-free-magnet-sheet.html I wonder too about the heat thing.

If you read the details on this product under laminate it lists pvc layer…I wonder if its a typo but looked at other listings and its there as well…
Lol gotta love stuff from china…non pvc product made with pvc.