Avoiding EOCD... =) What if your training was a written video?


Alright friends, I am not trying to convert you all to video watchers, but I thought of this after the fun comments that were added to my previous video tutorial. It is a short one, but who knows it may be something that is useful as well. Just a note… it will probably take an hour for the captions to sync up… sorry about that.



Just an FYI, one of the reasons I dislike videos is because of pacing. I can read faster than it’s reasonable for people to talk, but then sometimes I just want to slow everything down (i.e. re-read) to absorb something complex. I only watch instructional videos when I need a better visual than a picture can provide and even then I often fast-forward through most of it.



I have a friend who watches almost every video that is mostly speech at 2x or at least 1.5x speed, simply because people dont talk fast



Smart. I just have no patience for any of it. I like making videos, though. :slight_smile:



I have students that do that! Blows my mind they can comprehend it. Some do it with the volume on… That is when I demand they wear headphones. =)

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I use the playback speed on YouTube videos too - my default is 1.5X but sometimes bump it up to 1.75 or 2X for particularly slow talkers.



I tried to read a Garrison Keillor book one time. I finally had to give it up, because my brain insisted on reading it in his voice and he talks too slowly, so I kept having to back up and let the voice catch up with my reading. It was really disconcerting!



Hah. I can totally see that with him.

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I turned off the sound, turned on the CC, and turned up the speed … I was able to follow the content through the captions, even with skipping around via the seek bar. Curmudgeon Approved



Same- most how-to videos are like sitting through seventeen minutes of slog for fifteen seconds of useful information. Straight torture.



Well said.



Okay, I gave it a try. Because even I can pay attention for 3 minutes. Usually.

I definitely like captioned videos, for exactly the reasons given in the video. I loved that you didn’t spend 5 minutes up front telling people to subscribe and stuff and talking about what you were going to talk about, but just jumped right in and got to the point. Also you didn’t say “Hey guys!” so you get 100 extra bonus points from me. :slight_smile:

You have an interesting voice, which helps to hold the listener’s attention (if they’ve got the sound on!) and your music isn’t annoying, and you don’t drag on, but move right through the material. It was painless, informative, and I will be much more willing to watch your videos in the future. :slight_smile:



But he did the nearly equivalent “Hey there my friends”. :slight_smile:



I’m a visual learner so I love instructional videos. This caption thing with multiple screens just overwhelms me.:flushed:
Kudos for finding a way to teach multiple types of learning styles!



I hadn’t heard that one before, so the 100 points still stands. :wink:



That is a slick technique!

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Thanks for the great feedback! You noted some of my main goals as well. =) Clear, concise, and simple. :+1: The more users that have success… the better!


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