Avoiding pierce burn

I have had some issues with the pierce burn on some projects and decided to try my hand at designing in the lead in/lead out trails to the project.

I was getting pierce burn on each hole that was cut out and I wasn’t happy with the way it looked considering this is a face plate for a hand held controller. I don’t think is very noticeable to others but it stands out to me considering there are 20 instances on a single project.

This was mentioned previously as an item for the hopper but since the hopper is in a constant state of unknown I wanted to do it manually.

So I designed in the lead in/lead out as part of the hole vector in AI and it looks much cleaner now. It starts and stops at the ends of the open path as I expected it to. I can do a quick write up on how I did this in AI if anyone thinks it would be worthwhile. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t also work in InkScape as well.


Need to innovation. :slight_smile:


That’s about as perfect a result as I’ve seen! Way to fix it! :sunglasses:


Thank you for posting. Great solution.


Only way to eliminate it as far as I am aware.


All skill levels here. That would be a great write up! Not sure how they would do it hopper wise - guess an option to specify inside or outside lead in/out.

Either way, it’s pretty much a necessary thing in the CNC world if you want perfect cuts :slight_smile:


looks very good. I have been toying with creating a block in solidworks to do this but haven’t needed to bother yet since only I notice it and it hasn’t been as pronounced as in your picture so far

brilliant solution, thanks for sharing this

Great solution for when you want the hole, and not the cut out part, to lose the burn. Thanks!