Aw, nuts

@tim was asking about lasering nuts.

I spent all of five minutes borrowing an almond from Kira and dropping a glowforge logo on it… pics attached for your nutty enjoyment.


That is just plain fantastic. I’ll just wait for celebs to request monogrammed organic almonds from now on…


It’s SO cute!

Yeah but can it core an Apple !?!

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Glowforge, for the squirrel who has everything!


COOL! Does the logo part taste roasted? Don’t pretend you’re not gonna eat it…

And heeeelllloooo there in TV Land…!

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sorry to disappoint-it went straight into the garbage.


Aw, c’mon, Dan!

Dr. Barry Marshall drank a petri dish of Helicobacter pylori to prove its relation to peptic ulcers, and you can’t eat a lasered nut for science? :laughing:


that’s nutz!


But, like, I have a sneaking suspicion that you can probably find another almond somewhere…might not be easy, I know, but I’m betting that a man of your resourcefulness can accomplish that…


Come on, folks, help me cheer him on…DAN!! DAN!! DAN!! DAN!!

Heck, I’ll eat one…what’s a little volatile chemical coating from past burns anyway…“that never hurt nobody”


…yet. :imp:

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Introducing the immune system to something it’s never encountered before in small quantities can be beneficial.
I rarely get sick, and I attribute that to eating lots of dirt as a child… :dizzy_face:


Ha same here. I also only get 1 hiccup a day. I havent had more than 3 in a row since I was a child.

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smart move, it was likely really nasty.

Next up: French Fries (Chips for those of you in the UK)! And some people (me included) think that those are best when a bit burnt!


Leave the guy alone. He may be allergic to nuts. I wonder what it would do to a pecan still in the shell. Then you could crack it and eat it safely.

Ha, sorry Dan…didn’t mean to push you to maybe risk your life… :scream:

LOLOL…send it to me, no allergy here

Assuming it was organic when it went in can wholefoods now charge yet double again?

deez nutz for president