Awards & Awards

Want to thank Mark Collier from for the starting point and inspiration.

All pressure fit so they can break down for transport!
I have saved the ‘templates’ for the different sizes for future projects.

The Fire Chief award actually looks like it has LEDs in it the way the orange in the base and reverse engrave on the green class glows with the black back.


Nice! The glass green worked very well for that!


I think you would have a LOT of fun with the reverse laser TroGlass! These are great C:


What is TroGlass? Do you have a link or example. ALWAYS looking to step it up!

Terrific work! Great designs!

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My bad, it’s called TroLase Reverse. You may need to sign up for an account to view the material, or maybe it’s just so you can see pricing? Here you go: TROLASE REVERSE

Here is TroGlass, which is basically just your regular colored acrylic. It “comes with a laserable mask” but I took the masking off because even tho this is Cast acrylic, they masked it with plastic.


Those are great!

Those look fantastic. They should feel very proud to display them.

They turned out just fabulous!

These awards look wonderful. I am new to glowforge or engraving in general. Do you mind sharing the setting that you used to get such great results.

Chances might be slim that you receive a response to your question since this post is over 2 years old…plus, any discussions of settings must be in the Beyond the Manual section. Perhaps try a search for engraving on acrylic…about which there are many posts.


Love the green!

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